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    It was the white walls in my children's room that encouraged me to paint. For me, these were huge, almost endless areas that opened up a world for me and my colored pencils.

    At 30, I felt the urge to express myself with brush and paint again. From then on I perfected my way of working and technique. I found inspiration in the art scene and in urban cities around the world. This creativity and energy drove me and promoted my personal development.

    I have always seen myself as an individualist - and I recognize in every person their unique personality and individualism. What sets him apart from everyone else. I want to express this uniqueness with my art. My paintings are unique and reflect my personal way of working. They follow no dogma or imposed procedure.

    This is how I want to transform. This is how I want to inspire.


    Vale Art Valentino Prizzi

    | https://valeart.ch/

    6 products
    #83 I don't do fashion. i am fashion - canvas
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    #41 i see you - Canvas
    from CHF 50.00
    #35 i see you to - Canvas
    from CHF 50.00
    #99 something modern - canvas
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    #64 summer vibes - Canvas
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    #45 zurich - canvas
    from CHF 50.00
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