shipping information

Standard Delivery Framed Products

approx. 9 business days

Shipping costs including packaging: 9.00 CHF

Free shipping, free shipping or free delivery from CHF 50.00

Artistic Security Wrap

Your image will be hand inspected, protective sleeved and placed in art security packaging.

When will I get my order?

It takes 3-7 days to process an order, after which it will be shipped. Ultimately, the delivery time is approx. 5-9 days

Where will my order be shipped from?

Distributed production across several locations not only speeds up delivery times, but also helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions and makes it possible to support local companies.

We are constantly expanding our range , and not all items are offered and produced at all locations. Sometimes we will forward an order to another manufacturer and ship the product internationally instead of to the location closest to your customer. Where an order is routed is determined by an algorithm that ensures stock availability, production capacity and logistics to ensure smooth and fast delivery.

Will I be charged customs fees for my order?

International orders may incur an additional duty and tax fee. This fee is not in our control and is assessed by your local customs office. Customs regulations vary greatly from country to country. Therefore, please check directly with your local customs office to determine whether they charge duties and taxes on your purchases.

My order should be here now, but I still don't have it. What should I do?

Before you contact us, please help us by doing the following:

  • Check your shipping confirmation email for errors in the shipping address.
  • Ask your local post office if they have your package.
  • Check with your neighbors if the courier left the package with them.

If the delivery address was correct and the package was not delivered to the post office or to your neighbor, please contact me with your order number at


Posters only

We use different packaging depending on the size of the poster and the country where the item is produced and shipped.

Our standard packaging for posters is:

  • flat for posters up to A4
  • Tube for posters over A4

At the same time, due to specific requirements in some countries and some shipping service providers, there are some exceptions:

  • Tube with shipping roll: Can be used in the following countries DK, DE, NO, CH, FR, UK, AU, SG, NL, BE , AT


  • Triangular/rectangular boxes: Typically used in the US, Canada, and Brazil


Frames and framed posters

The frames are pre-packaged with corners and foil and then packed in a box with strong edges to protect the frames. I-beams are additionally used to give extra stability to the package and for orders with multiple items (max 3 frames in one package).


The posters are packed separately in a cardboard inner folder (max. 10 posters in an inner folder).


NotePlexiglas used in frames can also carry a protective film, but this is often applied to both the front and back of the glass . This often has a blue tint. These screen protectors can be confused with scratches, bubbles or a color cast on a print/glass.

Canvas, acrylic/metal prints

These products are packed with strong edges to protect the items. Moreover, we wrap the item in bubble plastic/craft for extra protection. Packing example below:

Bubble_Wrap.jpeg mceclip0.png

NoteAcrylic is covered with a protective film on the front side of the picture. This film varies in color depending on the supplier and can typically be milky, green or blue. These protective films can be confused with scratches, bubbles or a color cast on a print/glass.


The packaging of mugs may vary from country to country. The image below is just an example of the packaging of this product.



We currently pack apparel orders differently depending on the quantity of items in the order.

  • For smaller orders, our printing partners place the garments directly in a satchel without a handkerchief, as we want to keep the packaging effort as low as possible to avoid waste. The material of the satchels may vary depending on the Order sizes and printing partners range from waterproof kraft paper bags to vegetable-based plastic bags and mailing bags made from polyethylene.
  • For larger orders (approx. more than 8 t-shirts), our printing partners can pack garments with boxes. You can wrap the garments with tissues or extra bags first to protect the condition of the clothes to obtain.

Photo books, cards, flyers and brochures

Cards, flyers, brochures (small quantities)

business cards

Large orders (more than 3 kg)