Our products are carefully packed in suitable packaging materials.

Posters come from Switzerland:

DHL Globales Paket https://www.dhl.com/ch-de/home/tracking/tracking-parcel.html

Swiss Post https://service.post.ch/ekp-web/ui/list

Global distribution network

Get the fastest, safest delivery and the best prices thanks to the services of more than 33 shipping companies worldwide. No registration, integrations or contracts required.


Australian Post
Austrian Post
Belgian Post
Blue Dart
Correios Brazil
DHL Express
Major Express
New Zealand Post
PSP Pallet
Posten DK
Posten SE
Royal Mail
SF Express
Singapore Post
Swiss Post

Your product will be printed especially for you.

The production of your products usually takes 1-6 working days.

+ Shipping

The shipping of your Order takes an average of 1-4 working days for most products and destinations.

=Shipping Time

Due to the global pandemic and increased pressure on international carriers, delays may occur.


It takes 1-4 days to process an order, after which it will be shipped. The delivery time is ultimately approx. 3-7 days

Standard delivery for framed products

approx. 9 working days

Shipping costs including packaging: CHF 9.00

Free shipping, free shipping or postage-free delivery from CHF 50.00

Art security packaging

Your picture is inspected by hand, wrapped in a protective sleeve and placed in art security packaging.

We use various local print locations around the world to minimize carbon footprint and for this reason we have chosen a more minimal and environmentally friendly packaging option.

Orders that include both prints and frames , are shipped flat together in the same packaging, back to back, with the print in its own protective sleeve. We don't offer a framing service yet, but we're working on it!

Orders containing only prints will be shipped in either a sturdy cardboard tube or a thick cardboard packaging, depending on the manufacturing location.

In some cases we ship items from different locations, so an order may contain multiple packages and tracking links.

Tracking is not guaranteed for Standard Shipping. Any shipment that we can safely pack in an A4 envelope will be sent as a letter without a tracking number. This enables the postman to deliver your goods even if you are not at home. Shipments that exceed this size are sent as a small parcel or package and thus also receive a tracking number.


Acrylic glass prints are packed with strong edges, to protect the items. Also, we wrap the item in bubble wrap/plastic for extra protection.

You will be covered with a protective film on the front of the picture. This film varies in color by vendor and can typically be milky, green, or blue. These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles or a color cast on a print/glass.


The frames come with corners and foil pre-assembled and then packed in a cardboard box with strong edges to protect the frames. Furthermore, I-beams are used to give the packaging extra stability, especially for orders with multiple items (max. 3 frames in one package).

The posters are packed separately in an inner cardboard folder (max. 10 posters in an inner folder).

Plexiglas used in frames may also have a protective film, but this is often applied to both the front and back of the glass. This often has a blue tint. These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles or a color cast on a print/glass.

problems with my order

We will find a solution

Due to the custom nature of our product, unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on your prints. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your print, please contact use via our inquiry form and we will resolve the issue as best we can

You can make any of the following changes to your order at any time within 2 hours of placing it:

Change or change text and style of your design
Change or change shipping address
Cancel your order and place a Receive a voucher/voucher for a new order, or a refund

You can make these changes in two ways:

Through the "Thank you" page that appears on your device immediately after the order is placed
Via the link in your order confirmation email

Please note that after 2 hours or after you have confirmed your design, your order will be sent to print. Once your order has been printed and handed over to the shipping company, you cannot cancel your order or make any other changes.

This is not common at Printree, but accidents sometimes happen during shipping.

Should your order arrive damaged, please contact us at contact@printree.ch within two weeks of receipt of the order so that we can find the best solution for you. Make sure to include: Pictures of the damaged product and packaging Order ID number Please note that unfortunately we do not take back printed materials or frames as they are custom made!

Environmental Protection?

Our paper and wood materials are predominantly produced by FSC-certified suppliers, which guarantees that the materials meet the highest environmental standards.FSC is a global non-profit organization that promotes the ethical management of the world's forests. Protecting future generations, combating deforestation and Protect animals and wild plants.

Our eco-friendly inks capture every intricate detail of your chosen location for a crisp, smooth finish.

We have local printing in over 30 countries, making your order faster and more environmentally friendly!This also reduces the transport of printed products by 90% and the CO2 emissions from the transport process by 67%.

Who plants the trees.

We plant our trees with ecology. Here you will find our forest

We are pleased to announce that Printree.ch is partnering with social climate protection company Ecolog to plant a tree for every product sold on the platform.

We went through a long and rigorous process to find the right partner for this project. We can proudly say that Ecolog met its demands for absolute transparency about projects and costs. This information is available through their platform.

In an effort to be transparent about the climate solutions we finance, we publish the certificates for all carbon credits (proven reductions in CO2 emissions) that we purchase, as well as the income from our purchases of tree planting services from our tree planting partners. You cansee them here.

We only support climate protection projects that meet the highest verification standards such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. In addition, we aim to fund offset projects that meet other key sustainability and development standards such as CCBS and SDVista - showing how the offset projects (in addition to meeting a recognized carbon standards) also have a positive impact on local communities and on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We only work with tree planting partners who plant trees responsibly. In addition, our partners are regularly audited by third parties and publish internal reports for us with updates and data from our planting locations. Check out this annual audit for our Malagasy tree planting project for an example audit. You can read more about responsible reforestation here.


Collaboration / Artist / Photographer

Send an email to kontakt@printree.ch


We have decided not to work with resellers at this time.

George The Poet - Seeds of Hope 🌱 | ecolog

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