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Einfach Schweizer Walter Schweizer

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Discover a variety of works of art such as photos and art prints easily and simply at Printree. We offer you a unique platform where you can conveniently purchase your new favorite art.

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Find a beautiful, original print to hang or frame. Printree.ch has a wide range of beautiful, affordable prints to suit your needs.

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We know that not everyone can afford expensive art, that's why we offer high quality prints at an affordable price. Our goal is to enable you to buy quality wall art without having to spend a lot of money.

Printree plants a tree for every product sold

With every purchase we plant a tree. Let's plant a tree in a country affected by deforestation so we can have a positive impact on the planet.

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We believe in making a difference with our business and we want you to feel good about what you buy! Our selection of prints are eco-friendly and will make your home look like a true paradise for creativity and innovation.

Walter Schweizer

Personal – A few words about me as a person

I am an avid hiker and regularly move from my Swiss home to the Alps. Here I can recharge my batteries, relax and live out my passion for photography.

I love to travel and have been to many places in Europe and the world. After 20 years in retail at Ochsner Sport, I worked as a team leader / marketing manager in the catering trade at the St. Jakob Foundation.

In my free time, I continue to develop my hobby of photography and share my works on my website Simply Swiss.

I also created the Instagram account eifach_zueri to share the beauty of my city of Zurich with the world. With heart from Zurich, it's my pleasure to share stories and photos from my city.

From simply Swiss to the Printree brand

I've been running the Einfachschweizer.ch website since 2015, but I only founded the young company Einfach Schweizer in 2020. As a passionate lover of hiking and travel, I have made it my mission to offer my most beautiful photos and motifs on posters and framed pictures.

Starting my own business wasn't easy, so I looked for another way for people to experience and support my work. So I decided to set up an online store so more people could find what they were looking for.

The idea for Printree came to me during a hike in the Alps. I enjoyed the scenery and was amazed by the beauty of nature. At that moment, I had the vision of a company that is committed to climate protection and protecting nature.

The mission started in 2022. So far we have planted 6600 trees and we hope to be able to plant even more soon. Due to our social responsibility, we have already been able to win many customers and supporters who accompany us on our way. Would you also like to become part of our community and do something for the environment? Follow us on social media.

I pride myself on using responsibly sourced, sustainable products. All my products are made from sustainable materials and comply with international and national product safety regulations. I strive to use materials from reliable sources and my printed paper and canvas products are made using paper and wood from sustainably managed forests. I work with suppliers who offer high quality products so you can enjoy my prints for years to come.