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Printree is a platform for buying art. We make it easy for you to find and buy photographs, art prints and more.

Art made easy.

Find a beautiful, original print to hang or frame. has a wide range of beautiful, affordable prints to suit your needs.

Affordable and accessible

We know that not everyone can afford expensive art, that's why we offer high quality prints at an affordable price. Our goal is to enable you to buy quality wall art without having to spend a lot of money.

Printree plants a tree for every product sold

With every purchase we plant a tree. Let's plant a tree in a country affected by deforestation so we can have a positive impact on the planet.

Design with meaning

We believe in making a difference with our business and we want you to feel good about what you buy! Our selection of prints are eco-friendly and will make your home look like a true paradise for creativity and innovation.

Our culture

A conscience decision

Printree / Simply Swiss is committed to protecting the environment and manufacturing responsibly sourced products from sustainable materials with our partners. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with international and national product safety regulations.

Just plant another tree 🌱

We believe that everyone can make a difference. For every product sold, Printree plants a tree on behalf of our customers.

To the Printree Forest

Quality without compromise

We use high quality printing technology that produces high quality prints when needed. All prints are printed with love and care!

Simply Swiss - founded in 2020

I have been running the website since 2015, but I only founded the young company Einfach Schweizer in 2020. As a passionate hiking and travel lover, I have made it my mission to offer my most beautiful photos and motifs on posters and framed pictures.

Starting your own business has never been easier.

I am a photographer, entrepreneur and founder of Einfach Schweizer and I grew from a hobby as a photographer to a poster business to an online art and photography shop. As my business grew, I realized I wanted to create something that represented my brand with integrity.

So I started looking for another way for people to experience and support my work! That's when I decided to set up an online store so more people could find what they were looking for.

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Personal – A few words about me as a person

As an enthusiastic hiking fan, I regularly travel from my home in Switzerland to the Alps. There I can recharge my batteries, relax and, of course, take many of my photos here.

I have always loved travelling. As a native of central Switzerland, it has taken me across Europe and the world. As a trained retail employee, I worked in the sports trade for 20 years. For three years I have been working in the catering department of the St. Jakob Foundation. Currently as a team leader. At the same time, I continued to develop my hobby of photography and discovered travelling.

At first, photography took me to fascinating places in Switzerland. But now I have been far away from Europe to Japan, Australia and South America - and many other countries. The photos in my shop Simply Swiss are the qualitative and emotional highlights of these trips.

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My brands

All these brands have one thing in common: from Zurich with heart.

Printree is the latest brand I founded and all of our websites are run by the same team.

Simply Swiss I started this website as a way to express myself creatively and as an outlet for my thoughts about life, love and everything in between. This is a fresh young company, founded in 2020.

with the mission to share the beauty of this city with the world. On this Instagram channel you will find stories about the city of Zurich and photos from all over the city. Check out some of our favorite places or read about some of the most interesting people in Zurich!

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Printree im Aufbau

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Quality you can trust

We use responsibly sourced sustainable products. All our products are made from sustainably sourced materials.

Product safety All products are manufactured in accordance with international and national product safety regulations.

Shop with confidence We always strive to use materials from reliable sources. Our printed paper products and canvases are made from paper and wood from sustainably managed forests using sustainable forestry practices.

Long-lasting quality We work with suppliers who offer high-quality products that we hope will give you years of enjoyment and repeated use.