We want to see your artistic creations and be inspired by them.

With Printree you can sell your art and we take care of everything. You never have to worry about printing, framing, shipping or customs. For each product sold, you will receive a commission of 25% of the sales price excluding VAT. The price can be adjusted individually.

And for every product sold, Printree plants a tree in a country affected by deforestation as a positive contribution to global environmental protection.


    Get to know our rapidly growing customer base and let art lovers discover you.


    You retain full copyright of your art. Compensation is made with TWINT or PayPal.


    Your content as you envisioned it. We will not process the submissions.


We allow you to showcase your work and earn commissions on your sales.

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For artists

1 General

Simply Swiss is the operator of the Printree.ch website, on which he offers prints of works by various artists for sale.

By submitting work, Printree acquires the following rights to submitted files:

Permission to prepare and trim for poster/poster printing.

2. Author

In accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the author grants Einfach Schweizer the right to produce, advertise and sell prints of works that have already been created or are still to be created. In return, Einfach Schweizer undertakes to pay the author a commission for each print sold.

The author shall make at least 5 works available to Einfach Schweizer for distribution in accordance with this agreement. The author is free to increase the number of works at any time and - as long as the number is not less than 5 - to withdraw works from distribution.

Simply Swiss is free and at its own discretion to reject individual works offered for sale by the author.

3. Profit Sharing

This profit sharing is as follows.

For each paid product you will receive a commission of 25% on the price paid.

Printree undertakes to obtain the written consent of the artists in the event of changes to profit sharing.

Printree undertakes to pay out the artists' profit sharing at least every month. This payment is made digitally via Twint or Paypal payment.

4. Submit

By submitting works, the artist confirms the following starting position:

With these terms and conditions and/or the statutory copyright protection, including any extensions of protection periods, the author grants Einfach Schweizer the following non-exclusive, spatially and content-wise unrestricted rights:

As digital reproductions and images, alone or together with works of others, on websites, online advertising, social networks and electronic publications (blogs, etc.), all for the purpose of promoting the sale of works in physical form.

As tangible reproductions for sale to third party customers, with format, print media, printing process and trimming of edges at the sole discretion of Einfach Schweizer and/or the third party customer.

for advertising in all printed forms (e.g. brochures, posters, magazines, newspapers), all with the purpose of promoting the sale of works in physical, framed form.

For the duration of the General Terms and Conditions, the rights of use to names, titles and trademarks are also transferred, insofar as they are required for the evaluation of the copyrights and ancillary copyrights transferred to Simply Swiss in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Simply Swiss accepts no liability for the work submitted.

The artist retains the right to continue to sell the submitted works himself or with other partners on the print medium.

6. General Guidelines for Submission of Art

You may not upload, post or transmit any image, text, or other content that:

infringes any third party's copyright or intellectual property, privacy or privacy rights;

Is pornographic, defamatory or otherwise unlawful or immoral.

exploits minors; depicts illegal or violent acts;

depicts animal cruelty or violence against animals;

serves fraudulent purposes or establishes claims of misleading advertising or unfair competition; orviolation of any law, rule or regulation.

If you submit content that relates to race, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, it is necessary that members of those groups are depicted and/or described in a way that accurately and respectfully portrays their identities . Appropriate topics will usually be:

Do not harm a specific person or group of people.

Use contemporary, non-offensive terminology in titles or keywords or in content.

Use neutral/positive and culturally appropriate language to describe people.

By submitting diverse and inclusive content that accurately and respectfully portrays people's identities, you're helping the collection continue to provide the best experience for customers, creators and people of all backgrounds, now and in the future.

7. Further rights of the author

The author has the right to be named as the author to the usual extent.

8. Jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from or in connection with these General Terms and Conditions, the courts at the registered office of Einfach Schweizer have exclusive jurisdiction.

The general terms and conditions of the Printree.ch website also apply


what are we looking for

We are looking for typography art, retro & street art, photo art, graphic design, illustrations, abstract art, your personal style. You can either upload/send a print-ready file (PDF or image).

At least 5 images for your own artist page/category. After acceptance, we will also be happy to publish a small text with a picture of you, if you wish. See simply Swiss link to homepage, gallery or social media

How do I get my commission?

For each product you pay for, you will receive a commission of 25% of the sales price excluding VAT.

At the beginning of each month we will then transfer your commission on the sale to you via Twint or Paypal payment.

Information to you:

In the event of a sale, we will inform you by email. (Automated Flow Mail)

What rights do I share?

You retain full copyright of your art.

You can find detailed information in ourterms and conditions below. These declare that we may sell and advertise your images/art.

What do we print on?

Museum quality posters printed on thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper weight: 200gsm

- Shipped in sturdy packaging to protect the poster

Will be produced and shipped on request.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

Our paper and wood materials are predominantly produced by FSC-certified suppliers, which guarantees that the materials meet the highest environmental standards.

Can I submit art later?

Once you are approved as an artist, you can submit new art to kontakt@printree.ch at any time. Please use the full and legal name of the artwork in the email.

Can I delete the picture later?

Let us know via kontakt@printree.ch which image(s) you want to remove and we will do it as soon as possible.

You can find more FAQs here

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