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Based on our experience shipping orders and supported by customer feedback, we define the most efficient and damage-resistant product packaging methods to ensure compliance with local shipping requirements and the lowest damage rates.


Museum quality poster on thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper weight: 200gsm

- Dispatched in sturdy packaging to protect the poster

Produced and shipped on request. No minimum requirements.

Please note that the images used below are only examples as packaging may vary by country.

Wood framed poster

A framed poster made with museum quality paper and a beautiful frame.
- 200 g/m2 matte (uncoated) paper-
Light 1-2 cm thick frame-
Shatterproof, transparent plexiglass.
- Includes hanging kit to hang the poster in both portrait and landscape format.
- For indoor use

The frame and the poster are delivered together. The poster must be hung by the end user.
Printed and sent on request. No minimum order quantity.

Some may think that the folder with the poster is an insert to protect the frame and believe that the poster is missing from their order.

Poster with metal frame

A poster and frame - with museum quality paper and a beautiful frame.

- 200 gsm semi-gloss (silk) paper

- Lightweight frame with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm (0.4 to 0.8 inches)

- Shatterproof, transparent plexiglass.

- Includes a hanging kit for hanging in high- and landscape.

- For indoor use

The frame and poster are supplied together.

Will be printed and shipped when required. No minimum requirements.


The frames are pre-assembled with corners and foil and then packed in a cardboard box with strong edges to protect the frames. Furthermore, I-beams are used to give the packaging extra stability, especially for orders with multiple items (max. 3 frames in one package).

The posters are packed separately in an inner cardboard folder (max. 10 posters in an inner folder).

Plexiglas used in frames may also have a protective film, but this is often applied to both the front and back of the glass. This often has a blue tint. These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles or a color cast on a print/glass.


Our hangers are made from natural pine/ash/oak wood.


A high quality poster and a beautiful hanger. Each hanger includes four wooden sticks, two that clamp the top of the print and two that clamp the bottom, and high-quality cotton cord that matches the color of the hanger. Strong magnets hold your artwork securely and allow customers to change artwork if needed.

- Magnetic construction holds your poster without damaging it.

- 250gsm matte (uncoated) archival paper

- Premium cotton cord matches color of hanger.

Hanger and poster come together.

Printed and shipped on demand. No minimum order quantity.