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Feb 4, 2024

Unique journey through art: 'In the mind of an artist'

In their impressive Matura thesis, Máté Megyeri and Angel Alvarez Vasquez have created a documentary that takes you deep into the creative process of a passionate artist. "In the Mind of an Artist" shows you how works of art are created from the first idea to completion.

With a lot of commitment and professional expertise, the two filmmakers give you an intimate insight into the art world. They show how the artist transforms thoughts and emotions into colorful, vibrant works of art. You discover that art is much more than just technology - it is a deep, personal form of expression that touches you on an emotional level.

We cordially invite you to watch “In the Mind of an Artist” and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art with us. Be inspired by the artist's passion and motivations and discover with us the stories behind every brush stroke.

Become part of this inspiring journey by watching the documentary.

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