New pictures by Martin Reichenbach

Jan 2, 2024

Today on the Printree blog we would like to focus on Martin Reichenbach from Tin Pictures.

Martin, a gifted macro photographer from Switzerland, has a rare talent for capturing the hidden wonders of the forest. His works are more than just photographs; they are visual stories that immerse viewers in the depths of nature. Inspired by the principles of photographic storytelling, as described in the book "Photographic Storytelling" by Sven Burkhard and Stefan Tschumi, Martin shows how to tell stories with images, convey emotions and sharpen your eye for the inconspicuous.

His collection on Printree is not only a tribute to the beauty of nature, but also a testament to his craftsmanship and artistic vision. We look forward to presenting his artworks in a future exhibition and invite our readers to experience these unique insights into nature.

For further information on the techniques of photographic storytelling you can visit the Rheinwerk Verlag website and for a deeper insight into the work of Martin Reichenbach it is worth taking a look at Tin Pictures .