Planting trees is on everyone's lips. But does it actually have an effect or is it greenwashing?

Aug 6, 2022

It may sound cynical, but the truth is that many of these solutions are nothing more than a marketing tactic. They don't really offer any significant environmental benefits - they're just a way for companies to monetize an idea that many people believe in.

Here are 6 reasons why we chose Ecolog as our tree planting partner:

  1. Ecolog only works with organizations that are committed to the longevity and safety of their trees. The initial survival rate on their mangrove restoration projects is over 80% and they work with local authorities to secure written agreements that designate the restoration sites as permanently protected.
  1. You only buy carbon credits from the most respected carbon standards, such as Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.
  1. They support workers and pay fair wages, hire local villagers to alleviate extreme poverty, and provide economic incentives to ensure the welfare of recovery projects.
  1. They are transparent. They spend 85% of their income on climate solutions and 15% on running costs. Their public Impact and Operations Ledger lists all revenue and certifications, and they publish quarterly financial reports.
  1. The decisions about the projects to be financed are made by a special climate committee (made up of experts from different climate organizations and projects).
  1. We are involved in Ecolog as an investor and believe in your success.

The climate crisis is a big problem, and planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions are just one piece of the puzzle. There is no one simple solution, but each of us must do what we can.

Trees are a powerful tool in the fight against carbon pollution. With the right provider, the trees you plant will absorb and sequester carbon.