🌟 Introducing my first sponsorship recipient! 🎉🙌

May 25, 2023

🔥🚀 Today I would like to pay tribute to a very special person in my life - Flavio, a passionate GC fan who works and lives at the Altried Foundation in Zurich-Schwamendingen. Flavio has been cerebral palsy since birth and has found a home there since 1982. Let's celebrate the extraordinary Flavio! 🥳

👉 Flavio, a fighter and an inspirational example of how to overcome obstacles. Your unconditional love for the GC Zurich football club is remarkable. I want to offer you my sincere appreciation for your longstanding friendship. You are not only a loyal companion, but also one of my first big supporters. "Just do it, what do you lose?" were the words to the idea🙏.

🙌 A heartfelt thank you to Flavio and to all the incredible friends and supporters out there who are joining us on this journey.

We print trees 🌱

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