Switzerland sends a strong signal for climate protection! 🌍🌱

Jun 18, 2023

🎉🇨🇭 Big news! Today I am happy to announce that Switzerland has sent a clear signal for the fight against climate change with a convincing "yes" to the climate protection law.

🌍 This success gives us new courage and shows that there is hope, even if we had lost it in the meantime.

Solving climate change requires collective action. By raising our voices, involving companies and politicians, making conscious decisions and promoting sustainable innovation, we can drive change. Every single contribution is valuable and contributes to creating a sustainable future.

🌱As a token of our gratitude and commitment to protecting the environment, we sponsored 500 trees. I invite you to visit our forest by clicking on the following link: https://lnkd.in/dcY4xURC every tree counts!

I am excited about this milestone and would like to thank everyone who has taken action to protect the climate. Let's keep working together to fight climate change and promote sustainable solutions.
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